Our Team


Mrs. Dr. Susanne Richter


Mrs. Steffi Schreier


Research Assistants

Mrs. Almut Hertel

Research Assistant, Museum Education

Mr. Kai Hofmann

Research Assistant, Museum Education

Mrs. Clara Marie Thöne

Scientific Volunteer, Museum Education

Technical operators

Mr. Hans-Olaf Bote

Artist, Letterpress and Offset Printer 

Mr. Thomas Kurz

Hand Composer, Letterpress and Offset Printer 

Mrs. Karin Pietschmann

Artist, Technician 

Mr. Thomas Siemon

Type Founder, Artist Printer


Mr. Axel Ebersbach

Type Founder  

Mr. Rolf Freier

Letterpress Printer 

Mr. Bernd Göppner

Letterpress Printer

Mr. Roland Müller

Machine Composer

Mr. Gunter Naumann


Mr. Günter Schneider


Mr. Dieter Seppelt

Hand Composer

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