RevierWechsel is a collaborative project between the Museum of Printing Arts, the Gallery Hochdruckpartner and the BBKL. For the first time, over 30 artists of three generations from Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland will have the space to present their 100 contemporary prints on five different topics together in an exhibition and to engage in artistic exchange.


The subject areas are: landscape and nature, urban environment and urban spaces, people and communities, construction and abstraction as well as quotation and narration. While the works on landscape and nature are presented in the Gallery Hochdruckpartner, all others can be seen in the museum.   The chosen topics not only tie in directly to the world of the visitors, but also show different and comparable perspectives of the artists by juxtaposing the works. The artistic print making has a rich tradition in all three participating countries and is at the same time a lively part of the contemporary art scene. The exhibition project concentrates on the one hand on a curated excerpt from current positions, on the other hand it conveys a broad spectrum of artistic handwriting of the letterpress scene, as it has not yet been seen in Leipzig.   Participating artists:


CH: René Fehr-Biscioni, Patrick Graf, Marcel Mayer, Thierry Perriard, Sebastian Utzni, Jean-Jacques Volz, Georges Wenger, Irène Wydler
D: Harald Alff, Anna Arnskötter, Brian Curling, Tobias Gellscheid, Claas Gutsche, Bettina van Haaren, Hans-Uwe Hähn, Ute Haring, Philipp Hennevogl, Susann Hoch, Julienne Jattiot, Gabriela Jolowicz, Jan Kromke, Stephanie Marx, Maren Oehling, Lothar Rericha, Nadine Respondek, Jens Schubert, Lothar Seruset, Gabriele Sperlich

NL: Camiel Andriessen, Bert Brouwer, Frank Dekkers, Jacomijn den Engelsen, Grietje Postma, Inez Odijk,  Wendelien Schönfeld, Jos de l’Orme, Aafke Ytsma


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