From Futura to the Future



From Futura to the Future. International Letterpress Workers

Discovering international typography – Workshop and Exhibition 


Opening: 1st +2nd of October, 17 – 20 h in the presence of numerous

Letterpress Workers, who are at the visitor’s disposal for questions and exchange of ideas


The exhibition shows selected works by international typographers, graphic designers, calligraphers and stone printers who use typography as a mean of information, design and art in the tradition of the Bauhaus. For the first time, an overview of the eight years of intensive typographic-artistic collaboration is presented in the Museum of Printing Art.


Since 2012, the group of letterpress workers has met annually for a workshop in Milan to work together on a specific topic. The themes of the exhibited works range from "A world without electricity" (2012) over "Let’s dance" (2015) to current political issues such as "Borders" (2014) or "True / False" (2019).


In addition, other independent typographic works that were created in the workshops of the letterpress workers using the historical material of the lead and wooden letters are shown.

International Letterpress Workers, work results

Workshop results

Workshop results

Prepared set for a print

Prepared set for a print

Prepared set for a print

The exhibition

The exhibition

The exhibition

The exhibition

Partners / supporters:


Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen — Bereich Bauhaus-Jubiläum, Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Druckkunst Leipzig e.V.

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