New Types

Three Pioneers of Hebrew graphic design

An exhibition of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem

18 June bis 17 September 2017

Opening: 18 June 2017, 11:30 am


Curated by graphic designer Ada Wardi the Museum of Printing Arts presents the Israel Museum’s successful exhibition for three months in Germany on the occasion of the Jewish Week 2017. The exhibition brings together the work of three German-Jewish graphic designers whose typographic innovations not only had a seminal impact on the developement of Israel’s modern visual language but who were also deeply influenced by their social and artistic background in Germany before they had to emigrate in the 1930’s.



Guided tour with curator Ada Wardi: 18.6., 15 Uhr (in english)


Public guided tours, sundays, 12 am: 25.6., 16.7., 20.8. und 17.9. (in german)


Guided tour 60+, tuesdays, 20.6. und 5.9., 15 Uhr (reduced entrynce fee for visitors 60+) (in german)


Lecture: "Knotenpunkt Leipzig. Druck und Vertrieb jüdischer Bücher im 19. und frühen 20. Jahrhundert" 21.6., 7 pm. Referee: Dr. Arndt Engelhardt (Franz Rosenzweig Minerva Research Center Jerusalem/Simon-Dubnow-Institut Leipzig).



Encouraged by the Commissioner of the Federal Government for Culture and Media on the orders of the German Federal Parliament




Further supporters:


Goethe Institut, Deutsche Bank Stiftung, Leipzigstiftung, Israel Museum Jerusalem, Jüdische Woche in Leipzig 2017, Schocken Foundation, Israelische Botschaft Berlin, Stadt Leipzig - Kulturamt, Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach





The exhibition is realized in cooperation with the Society for Advancement of the Printing Arts Leipzig e.V.