The Collection

The unique and diverse exhibits of the museum include an outstanding collection of some 100 working machines and presses of well-known maufacturers offer an impressive introduction to the three most important historical printing techniques – letterpress, intaglio and planographic printing.

A genuine rarity is the working type foundry, in which lead type is still cast either by hand or by machine. A wide range of letter cases filled with lead type and fully functioning line composing and casting machines demonstrate the historical techniques.

The Museum also has a fully equipped handcraft bookbindery, a fully functioning wood engraver’s workshop dating from around 1900, a display of music printing techniques and a reference library with some 3,500 specialist books. The collection of some 4,000 different typefaces in the form of lead and wooden letters, matrices and steel punches is unique in Europe.

Detail of a Heidelberger Cylinder Press
Advice for Printers